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Thursday, September 16, 2004

CBS acknowledges questions about documents

After a great deal of pressure from the GOP, other media, and bloggers, CBS is finally acknowledging that there may be some questions about the legitimacy of the documents.

In the meantime, however, they are maintaining their position that the information contained in the memo is absolutely true, which, surprisingly, no one, not even the GOP has tried to argue. Obviously, CBS, and Rather, have their back up against a wall. However, they clearly quote the commanders secretary in their article as confirming the facts of the allegedly forged documents.

“I did not type those memos. And it’s not the form I would have used. And there are words in there that belong in the Army, not to the Air Guard. We never used those terms,” says Knox. “I know that I didn’t type them. However, the information in those is correct.”

Knox says she didn’t type these memos, but she says she did type ones that contained the same information.

The rest of the mainstream media seems to be mostly ignoring this fight. I would argue they need to get involved, especially after all the time they dedicated to the Swift Boat controversy. The GOP is calling for CBS to retract their story. Wisely, CBS is shifting the story to the idea that the facts are still true and is at least trying to extend the public discussion to what Bush was doing during the war. The fact that the media and public are focus on the one or 2 medals Kerry should or shouldn't have been awarded, while ignoring that Bush simply skipped his way into the Guard and did not really show up, is quite surprising.


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