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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Firefox 1.0PR Release

The Mozilla team just made the Firefox 1.0 Preview Release available for download. This is the latest version of the excellent, free, open source browser. It has all the amazing features of previous versions plus some great new additions. I made the switch to Firefox about 3 months and have not looked back since.

In addition to some smaller UI and bug fixes and updates, Firefox now sports Live Bookmarks. Any page which has XML or RSS syndication can be bookmarked in Firefox, and the latest headlines from the site will be available from your bookmarks. While not as helpful as Sage for your everyday news sites, Live Bookmarks are perfect for Furl, or any site with updating content that you do not check on a daily basis, but would like quick, easy access to. Another improvement is the new pop-up blocker. While the older versions of Firefox ran a pop-up blocker, 1.0PR supports a far greater level of integration. I also love the new find feature. Older versions of Firefox allowed a non-intrusive, inline search of pages, although it was difficult to navigate between results. The new version is still far better than the annoying Find popup of IE, but allows inline searching and navigation between results.

Get Firefox!

Also, the Moz team released Thunderbird 0.8. Thunderbird it the firefox of email. I never used Outlook because of the endless security issues, and recently dropped Eudora Pro for Thunderbird. Thunderbird has a cleaner UI, loads quicker, runs better filters, and has the same extension ability that helps makes Firefox so amazing.


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