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Friday, September 03, 2004

New Blog

Over the last few days I have there have been several stories that I wanted to say something about to no one in particular. Also, everywhere I read, I keep hearing about the blogging trend. No I have never been one for blogs. Some people may consider sites like Slashdot and SpaceWar blogs, but I think of them more as news posts.

Either way, I have had a lot of downtime with my new job, so I figured to start looking into blogs, and I have liked what I found. I also figured I might as well start my own.

As the name and description reads, basically I will most often comment on political happenings, or tech developments. I am also quite interested in internation affairs, so major happenings around the world may get a mention from time to time.

One other thing I like to see is links. I really enjoy sites like Wikipedia which link just about everything in the article in case you want to learn more. Basically this saves the reader the time of typing in links, but more importantly of looking for relavent pages on the internet.

Glad to have you, and look for more. The less I have to do at work, the more I will post.


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